Basic TCP/IP and UDP Protocols Name and Ports

Application Layer Transport Layer
Protocol Name TCP/IP Port
HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) TCP 80
HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol over SSL/TLS) TCP 443
Telnet TCP 23
SSH (Secure Shell) TCP 22
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) TCP 20/21
IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol ) TCP 143
SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) TCP 25
POP3 (Post Office Protocol version 3) TCP 110
DNS (Domain Name System) TCP/UDP 53
TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol) UDP 69
DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) UDP 67/68
NTP (Network Time Protocol) UDP 123
NetBIOS TCP/UDP 137/138/139
SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) TCP/UDP 161/162
BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) TCP 179
LDAPS (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol over TLS/SSL) TCP/UDP 636
FTP over TLS/SSL TCP 989/990
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