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How To Hack Someone’s Selfie Camera:

How It Works?

The Tool Saycheese creates a malicious HTTPS page utilizing Serveo or Ngrok Port Forwarding strategies, and a javascript code to cam solicitations utilizing MediaDevices.getUserMedia.

The MediaDevices.getUserMedia() strategy prompts the client for authorization to utilize a media input which delivers a MediaStream with tracks containing the mentioned kinds of media. That stream can incorporate, for instance, a video track (created by either an equipment or virtual video source, for example, a camera, video recording gadget, screen sharing assistance, etc), a sound track (also, delivered by a physical or virtual sound source like a mouthpiece, A/D converter, or something like that), and potentially other track types.

Installation (Kali Linux/ParrotSec)

git clone https://github.com/thelinuxchoice/saycheese
cd saycheese
bash saycheese.sh

Watch Video Tutorial Made By LucifeMan :

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