Important things in New Web Design


  1. Favicon Icon update on Home page Title Bar
  2. Proper Navigation URL
  3. Mobile Responsive website (working properly on all browsers and Android and I Phone.)
  4. Social Media Link Update
  5. Title, Keyword, and Description Update
  6. Contact Number, Email, Address, Google Map update
  7. Facebook and Instagram page showing in website
  8. Inquiry Form with Proper validation and Google Recaptcha v2

  9. Copyright current year in the footer
  10. Spelling and grammar are correct on all pages.
  11. CSS/HTML is properly validated.
  12. Move to Top Button on all pages.
  13. Scripts are optimized across web pages.
  14. Images are optimized across web pages.
  15. CSS is optimized across web pages.
  16. Thank-you message or page displays after the form is submitted.
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