Kali Linux 2019.4|Looks Awesome

Offencive Security, maintainers of the prominent Kali Linux open source project, discharged Kali Linux 2019.4, the most recent emphasis of the Kali Linux penetration testing stage. The new discharge incorporates a few new highlights, including another default desktop environment, another theam and another undercover mode for pentesters doing appraisal work out in the open spots.

Move from Gnome to Xfce

The most significant part of the 2019.4 discharge is Kali’s move from the Gnome condition to Xfce to address some known issues. Explicit enhancements because of the new environment include:

Improved Performance – The Gnome environment is a completely included deskto p environment with numerous capacities. Anyway every one of the abilities accompany overhead that is frequently not helpful for a dispersion like Kali. Moving to the more lightweight Xfce environment tends to these issues, furnishing a domain more in accordance with the average Kali client’s needs.

Unified UI – Because Kali can be run on everything from uncovered metal to very good quality workstations, the lower-end ARM assembles regularly had an alternate UI than different arrangements. OffSec now offers an institutionalized UI for all Kali disseminations.

Kali Undercover

Suppose you are working in an open spot and you probably won’t need the particular Kali mythical serpent for anyone’s viewing pleasure and marvel what it is you are doing.

The developer made a little content that will change your Kali theme to resemble a default Windows installation. That way, you can work more in disguise. After you are done and in a progressively private spot, run the content again and you switch back to your Kali theme.

Other Kali Linux 2019.4 updates

  • Kali Documentation has a new home and is now Git powered
  • Public Packaging – getting your tools into Kali
  • Kali NetHunter KeX – Full Kali desktop on Android
  • BTRFS during setup
  • Added PowerShell
  • The kernel is upgraded to version 5.3.9
  • Plus the normal bugs fixes and updates.

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